Survival Tips and Rules for Online 50 plus Dating

50 plus dating

Dating can be a rough experience for old schoolers in their 50s or 60s. The same rules of 50 plus dating, which worked for them in their blissful youth, do not work in their favor in their old age and online things down their chances even further. But our elders, who wish to enjoy a romantic retirement, need not worry for we have some helpful tips to give them a head start for their dating pursuits which are pretty simple and easy to do things in order to get a lover online.

Rules No.1 - Be Informed

The online website is not the style that you were used to in your youth. A lot of things have changed and you need some catching up to do. There are plenty of resources like books, CDs, articles and magazines which exist solely for this purpose. There are also plenty of free online articles which have offered a great deal of help to many senior people. No need to waste your money on buying books. Just google about it and you'll get started. And here is a related article from 5 Rules For Online Dating Over 50

Some Friendly Counsel

If you did find a date on an online dating website like, always seek some advice from your close friends about it. In the old age, we all have those special friends who have been through thick and thin with us and will offer their sincere and honest opinions and advice about your potential date. Having such friends giving their opinions will give you a chance to view that date from a different prospective.

Put your Best Effort into It, Stay alert of potential scammers!

There's some serious competition out there on online dating sites and the one thing which can make your wish come true is your online profile. Spend some completing your profile and have a friend give an opinion about the final draft. Put on a great picture of your current self and if you don't have it, have that friend take it for you. Be very authentic and always keep a first date dress ready in your closet. Best thing to do is to show the real you.

Never Lower Standards

You are looking for a Prince Charming or a Cinderella, but you need to set your standard for what you want in the partner that you are looking for. Don't settle for anything less than what you want. If you can't satisfy yourself in old age then when will you.

Be Protective in Every Possible Way

The first and foremost rule for online dating is that never ever share your personal information like your contact number etc. with anyone until you feel really comfortable about that specific person. Keep your email address private and if you want to call someone on phone, then dial *67 before you dial their number which will keep your number hidden and it will not be revealed.


The last and most important thing is to enjoy yourself as much as you can. The dating over 50s is quite a new experience so enjoy it to your full capacity.

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