Senior singles: Stay alert of potential scammers!

Senior Singles

Online dating is a great way for over 50 singles to meet new people and form lasting relationships amidst their own busy lives. While the number of online dating sites for seniors has grown exceedingly, so have the potential risks that come with the inescapable anonymity of the internet. Seniors in the online dating world especially have increasingly become targets of online dating scammers and con artists looking to pull financial scams on their victims. By paying attention to the warning signs attributed to these elaborate schemes, you can effectively keep yourself safe from being taken advantage of by these frauds. Here are a few ways to stay alert of potential scammers:

  • Too much interest too soon
  • A major red flag for online scams is when the person asks you to give them any personal information. Scam artists are deceptively good at seeming like genuine people who are interested in you, but too much interest early in the relationship can be a potential warning signal. Scammers will also try to escalate the relationship quickly, often professing their love at an early stage in an attempt to entrap their victim. It is important to be wary of these signs and remain guarded at all times.

  • Do a photo check
  • This is a simple, yet effective way to protect yourself from scammers. Pay close attention to the other person's photos, and stay alert for photos that may seem off or have discrepancies. One way to see if a photo is fake is to save a copy of their profile picture and use google image search to see if their picture comes up. If they are already marked up as a scammer, or if the image proves to be a stolen photo of someone else, then you are dealing with a scam artist.

  • Asking for money
  • Scammers will often gain your trust and play off of your sympathy in elaborate schemes to siphon money from you. If someone asks you for money, that is an immediate red flag and you should immediately cut off any communication with them. Genuine people who are interested in you should never ask for any kind of financial assistance, and seniors on dating sites are often targets of financial scams because they are thought to be richer and more vulnerable than the younger populations.

  • Be safe!
  • Lastly, it is important to exercise caution when planning a meet up with another person no matter what. Even if they seem completely genuine, it's better to be safe than sorry when being cautious. Make sure you plan a meet up in a neural and safe location, such as a local café or restaurant. If your date is not okay with this arrangement, than that is a huge indicator that they may be potentially trying to scam you.

Online dating is a fun and great way for seniors to meet new people. However, like everything else on the internet, it is important to exercise caution when connecting with people that you've met on the site. Following these tips is a great way to avoid the potential scams and schemes that online dating sites are sometimes vulnerable to.

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