Senior Dating Over 60 and How to Avoid Scams

Dating for the senior citizens, those over 60 and over 70 years can be a very challenging for some reasons. This, therefore, necessitates the need for them to use senior dating sites over 60 that provide all sorts of friendship and romantic relationships. However, online engagements have a way that encourages anonymity and use of fake information. Thus, making it a likely avenue for scam artists to lure and entrap their victims.

In the modern world, con and fraudsters are everywhere. Not only on the dating sites and therefore it is best we familiarize with their tricks. And you should how to avoid becoming victims. This should, however, not deter any senior from venturing into any senior dating site, to find love and any other kind of companion they are interested in.

Type of scams

The number of scams can be categorized into two major ones based on how they qualify to be scams.

The first category is the scamming that takes place within the dating platforms, the false advertising, the alluring promises of how your interests will be met and the worst is the extra charges that promise premium services that do not exist. All these are committed by dubious sites that are not regulated and are never genuine.

The second category, which is more widespread, is the scam from outside sources, from persons targeting users of these senior dating sites. They do this through various ways such as Blackmails and extortions, appearing needy to coerce for monetary assistance and lastly others will only connect with you to benefit.

How to Avoid Them

The standard tricks used to conduct scams within the sites are mostly aimed at taking advantages of the loneliness. And the desperate desire to get a hookup. Therefore you are likely to find that these sites will come with absurdly excellent ways of helping you out and even appear to be able to expedite the task through some magical ways.

It is, therefore, advisable to do a thorough research on the senior dating site you want to join. Ignore those that ignorantly use pop-ups with catchy lines when you have not even accepted to register on them.

Fraudsters from outside the sites primarily hunt from general dating sites as well as senior dating sites over 60 and over 70. They have accounts, but most of the information is not correct or is left out. Here are some of the standard pointers on possible scammers.

  • It appears to be instantly and overly interested in you
  • They respond quickly to chats with a lot of flattery
  • Scammers will ask for money or ask for meetups in the first opportunity
  • Their profile information may be incomplete or unverifiable
  • They will opt to carry on with the chats of the site

To avoid them, take caution of the profile of everyone you are engaged with. Also, do not disclose too much of your personal information, like your financial status. Always take your time and do not let the excitement of dating again, lead you to a scam trap.


Over 60 dating sites are a great avenue to senior dating. Despite the scams one can still be able to enjoy the benefits of joining one and having a great time in their golden years. Take note of the scams and how to avoid them to benefit fully.

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