Selfie Ideas for Creating your Online Profile

Selfie Ideas

The first thing you should know is that not everyone looks great in a selfie. The cameras in mobile phones or tablets are not the same as DSLRs or even the old film cameras. The positioning of the front camera in phones and tablets, the frame you would opt for and the angle or height from which you click the picture will affect how your facial contours look in the photo. Some people look amazing in selfies, some people don't. If you don't look your natural self or better in a selfie, don't use it for your online profile. You can have some selfie images in your album but avoid using one as your display or profile picture.

That being said, should you wish to explore some interesting selfie ideas, there are plenty of options. You must first recognize the importance of setting, the frame, what you are trying to convey and how you do it. Every component in the selfie will play a part in impressing those who check your photo. Let us discuss some interesting and safe selfie ideas.

To look good in a selfie, the safest options are to sport a hat, a pair of glasses or to have some kind of accessory on you. Women may opt for earrings, nose ring, necklace or a combination of these. Men and women may use stylish sunglasses or even spectacles if they look cool. Using a hat, cap or any headgear may also make you look better.

Think of an appropriate setting. Fitness enthusiasts can choose their gym or the jogging track. Pet lovers may choose to be clicked with their pets. Adventurous people can go for exotic locales or adrenalin pumping activities. Avid readers may use books or shelves loaded with paperbacks and hardbacks. Movie buffs may use their DVD collections. You need to pick a setting that is interesting and partly conveys who you are or what you like. A selfie is not just about you. In all fairness, no profile pictures or photos are only about you. It should reflect who you are, convey a message and create a true impression of what you like. Expressing dislikes is a little difficult given the scope of a selfie.

You need to know your best facial profile. Some people look better when they position the camera above their head aimed with a focus on their eyes and nose. Some people have a lovely smile so that needs to be highlighted. Some people look better with the camera at a lower height. You may look good when the camera is at a horizontal eye level or you may lower it to be at your waist height if you have a really nice jaw line. Some people have a better profile when looked at from the right and some look better when clicked from the left. You also need to factor in your hairstyle and from which side, angle and height it looks best.

Don't edit your selfie too much. Focus on your personality and highlight your best features.

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