Over 50 Dating Sites: Advice and Tips for Women


If you are already 50 but still is single, it might be the right time to start navigating the realm of over 50 dating sites. You surely will find one that will match your preference. But be careful not to act and look so desperate. This will just lead you to a more frustrating situation. Just like the old times, there are some tips and advices you have to consider if you want to successfully find your match and begin living a life with them, a sure happy ending for you.

The following are tips you might want to consider to finally do a right decision of whom you want to date.

  • Never de deceived by what you can see online.
    • You agree to meet up with some men because you find him cute. Oh, come on! What you see online might be not what it is in personal. Then once you meet up, you will ask, which just leads to disappointments. This typically happens because you try to paint a certain picture of that guy in your mind just based on their profile picture and those few paragraphs. Try to leave out pictures and any expectations of the appearance of the guy until you met them personally. Through this you can save yourself from disappointments.

  • Take the phone in your advantage.
    • You better limit phone conversations to 1-3, through this you will keep you from those endless nights of conversation that just go nowhere. This also gives you chance to screen the man. You may scape this one, just be prepared of who will show up in a meet up.

  • Making Contact
    • Do you want to be the first to get a ball rolling, if not better just wait for men to contact you. Through this you will know how interested the man. But if you are really interested to him, you can also contact the man first (the man might be shy enough to take an initial move), but be careful not to expect whether they will call you back or not. In terms of emails, better keep it to a maximum of 3-5. Beyond that, it is not an over 50 dating, you are likely going to be his pen pal.

  • Move on to Your First Date
    • You feel comfortable talking with him through phone, and he simple sounds nice. Now is the right time to get over that phone calls and meet him in person and starts your over 50 dating activity. You can meet up for tea or coffee. Well, a meal might take too long which is quite exhausting then may lead to feeling weakened by dating.

      Meeting in a tea or coffee shop can be a sweet and short, which allows you to be together in a much shorter period of time, perhaps less than an hour. But if you feel your date is going well, then you can have meal afterwards. But better limit your first date to less than 2 hours to leave some intrigue and mystery for the next date.

  • Get a subtle Second date.
    • If the date really goes well, then second date can be expected. But if he didn't call you, never ever call him first just to ask him for a second date, just move on to your next prospect guy.

    And now you can already start your quest, just be careful not to forget those tips, or better call this as reminder. Don't be afraid to be involved in over 50 dating.