Online Dating Over 50 - It's Your Chance. Take It.

Some nights the perfect evening is a loose combination of Sports Center, video games, pizza and a six-pack. That's all well and good for the weeknights, what with work and all. But it's Friday for crying out loud. It's time to stretch, get-out, have dinner and drinks, maybe a movie.

One catch. No date.

Since the first dating site appeared in a cold dark cave in 6969BC."Thor seeks wife to cook and clean, and have little Thor." with a drawing of Thor dragging the future Mrs. Thor by the hair, dating sites have improved. But by how much?

Most over 50 dating sites follow the same formula. Man wants woman, woman wants man, how do man and woman meet?

While some sites are notable for their all inclusive, anything goes format, most sites cater to specific people with specific desires. You don't want to go to a biker chick site if you are looking for a librarian who wears support hose and giggles reading Alexandre Dumas.

The best over 50 dating sites cater to specifics, because starting off with at least one thing in common is a good first step. Some sites make you jump through an incredible number of hoops before catching even a glimpse of the future Mrs. Right. By the way, not every person at the other side of the dating equation wants to get married. Many sites promote friends only, or let's share an interest. The options available are as varied as you can imagine.

Go grab one of those beers, and be forewarned, sifting through sites to find the perfect match takes time, and patience. While most sites claim that the people who are featured are in fact real, just as in any other decision that significantly affects your life, it's critical that you get to know at least the basics about someone before you start spilling facts like addresses and phone numbers. Some sites even have restrictions on what information can be exchanged at certain points in the process.

Don't be surprised if your search includes some of the same pictures you've seen on other sites. Don't be surprised if the sites look remarkably alike. The fact is that over 50 dating sites are big business, and some sites are there simply to gather user fees. Speaking of which, the best sites don't require fees until well into the process.

The bottom line is take your time. Look around. Some sites offer all kinds of events and specials where you might meet someone. Take advantage of those opportunities, and rule number 1: Be honest about yourself and you will tend to get similar minded responders.

Really think about what dating over 50 could be, and go forth! Either that, or it's back to Sports Center.

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