Forget Young Love: The Benefits of Dating a Woman Over 50


Puppy love. First love. Young love. Our society seems obsessed with the idea that the best age of romance is during youth. Especially for women, the pressure to appear young and date early in life is unyielding. But the truth is that dating and romance can actually improve with age. Like a fine wine that continues to get better overtime, dating women over the age of 50 can make you forget about the whole "young love" thing. Here are 4 of the best things about dating a woman over 50.



The media tries to constantly remind women that they are inadequate in some way, be it physically, emotionally or mentally. For young women who are more easily influenced by these pressures, lower self-esteem and decreased confidence can be the result. Mature women who have learnt to tune out the media's incessant negativity will develop greater confidence. Dating a woman with confidence means that she respects herself, and holds you to the same high standards. Confident women get jealous less easily because they feel more secure. Plus, you can enjoy being the one to get "asked on a date" every once in a while.


The future seems like a vague and distant concept to young women. Between graduating school, starting a career, and purchasing their first apartment, young women are only getting used to juggling so many new and potentially stressful adult responsibilities. By 50, many women will feel more settled down in their roles, and have a clear vision of where they would like to be in the next 5, 10, even 15 years. Mature women know what they are looking for, and for purpose (even if it is just a fling). This makes the over 50 dating process smoother, and lets both partners know what they're getting into at the start of a relationship.


Over her past decades of dating experience, a woman of 50 has had her share of relationships. She understands that it takes work from both partners to create a bond that is beautiful and sustainable. While young women may fluctuate between being over-committed (unhealthy co-dependent behaviour) and under-committed (flaky and entitled), a woman knows that she must put in effort to maintain a healthy relationship, and that she deserves a partner who will work just as hard as her.


Like commitment, good communication is a skill that only improves with age. Single omen over 50 have been through the highs and lows of previous relationships, and are more likely to appreciate open and empathetic communication with their partner. Simple misunderstandings are the root of many fights. Fights can cause emotional damage (and break-ups) if respectful communication is not maintained. That's why women understand the important of keeping a cool head, being specific, and seeking support before letting problems escalate internally.

Many of us will always remember our first love. We were probably young, but that doesn't mean that the best of romance is in the past. There is so much to look forward to in the future, including dating a woman over 50. So go out and make some new cherished memories.