Dating Over 50: When to Kiss?

Dating over 50 kiss

There are so many questions about dating, especially when you're over 50. There are high chances that you've forgotten the usual etiquette of dating over 50, being out of the game for a while. One of the elements you may be worried about is when to kiss.

Do you kiss on the first date? Will you wait until the second or third? What type of kisses will be expected? You're not the only one nervous in this situation. It's a whirlwind of an experience but here are the top tips to decide when to kiss.

It's Okay to Kiss on the First Date

There's nothing wrong with kissing on the first date. This doesn't have to be the most passionate French kiss in the world but just a small kiss can go a long way. You get to make ending the date much easier, saying goodnight with a small peck.

In fact, kissing on the first date can be extremely useful, especially if you're a woman dating over 50. Many older men get the message that you're not interested in them if you don't kiss them. It can sound like an odd way of thinking, but by not kissing, you're saying that you don't want a second date. Just a small peck can be enough to tell your date that you'd like to see them again.

You can always ask for permission if you'd like, if you feel uncomfortable. If you're a man, asking for permission can be a good step to show respect. As a woman, asking for permission shows that you want to make the first move and that's ultra sexy. More than half the single population think that it's okay to kiss on a first date, but there are many who would like to wait.

Kissing Is a Good Passion Test

You'll be surprised at what you can gain from a kiss. What you feel during and after can affect your decision on dating the person again. If you don't feel passion or a connection with the kiss, what are you going to feel later?

Of course, nerves can get in the way. If you really like the person but it was a bad kiss, you could consider another date. Try to relax the second time.

Go With the Flow

Getting the urge to kiss your date? This is a good sign. It suggests that the passion is there. Move in and plant the kiss on them. If they like you, they're going to react back and if they don't, they'll push you away.

If you're not feeling like kissing the person after a couple of dates, it's likely that you're just not that into your date. You'll know how you feel and it's not fair to string someone along in the hope that it works out – or because you think they like you.

Relax about kissing when dating over 50. The majority of single people think it's okay to kiss on the first date. Not one of them? Wait until the second but you'll want to do something else to show you're interested in seeing them again.