5 Over 50 Dating Red Flags for Older Singles

Over 50 Dating Red Flags

Dating over 50 can be pretty difficult. There are a lot of different things to keep in mind. Plus a lot of people over 50 are already in a relationship. Being prepared for problems when dating over 50 while making sure that you enjoy yourself, will help you to excel at dating over 50. Let's take a look at some of the biggest red flags when dating over 50.

Little To No Personal Information

If a person has little to no personal information on their dating profile, that should be an immediate red flag. Part of dating is getting to know each other and sharing information. You should avoid any empty profiles, especially if they contact you out of the blue. Even if these people aren't fakes or scammers, they are very lazy not wanting to spend a few minutes to fill out their profiles.

Another aspect of this red flag is that when you are talking with someone and they refuse to share much personal information you should be immediately warry. Confront the person about their unwillingness to share or flat out move onto someone else.

Old Photos

With cameras on just about every device we use, it isn't hard to get a current photo. If a profile has a photo that is obviously from years ago, that should be a red flag. Speak with them about their use of an old photo and be cautious. This may stem from insecurities, but you should be able to get a feel for the situation from talking with them about it.

Overly perfect Profile

There is such thing as a profile being too perfect. If everything on someone's profile seems exactly what you are looking for, be very cautious. No one is absolutely perfect and that is part of what makes us human and likable. Should the sense of perfection continue into messaging, be very alert. We recommend moving onto someone else.

Your Match Never Initiates A Conversation

For online dating to be successful both parties need to be invested. If your match is never the one to initiate a conversation, that should be a red flag. You want them to be the one to start the conversation at least part of the time. Additionally, if the person seams uninterested when messaging, that should be a red flag. Delayed messages, one word messages, and a general sense of non-interest is something to be alert of.


Attitude can be a big red flag. Look out for any number of attitudes that can be negative. One of those attitudes is a general lack of caring about anything, including your conversation. The most important red flag attitude is someone who talks down to you. If a person is constantly talking down to you it will start to ware on your spirit, something that you don't need. Avoid bad attitudes at all costs.

Anyone who is constantly negative should also be avoided. Focusing on the negative aspects of life, complaining about everything, and the like. It has been scientifically proven that negativity can be contagious. You don't want to spend any more of your life in a negative mood than you have to. Move on to someone positive.

These are just a handful of the red flags that you might encounter when dating over 50. There are more red flags than you can fit in one article. The important part is that you focus on finding someone who feels right for you. If there is a voice in the back of your head that warns you that there is something wrong with a potential match, move on. Your brain is able to process clues before your consciousness can understand them.